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  • Pioneer of Dermocosmetics                Selvert Brochure1      Selvert Brochure2

    The founder of  IDESCO (Cosmetics Research and Development), Dr. Bach, is a Ph D. in pharmaceutical.  In 1975, IDESCO launched a division dedicated to dermocosmetics and created a new brand, SELVERT, which means “Open Sky”. This philosophy allows SELVERT to offer treatments tailored to the needs, lifestyle and the desires of each woman.

  • Swiss Highest Quality Standard

    In 1996, SELVERT entered into an agreement with a prestigious Swiss dermocosmetics group for the development of new lines of dermocosmetics products and to adopt the Swiss highest quality and manufacturing standard – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which regulates pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

    SELVERT has grown to become one of the most highly reputed in its sector due to the high reliability, commitment to quality and effectiveness of its products. SELVERT distributes and markets its products across over 50 countries worldwide. Many international hotels, clubs and celebrities are Selvert’s users. Royal Hotel of Santander, Cantabria Spain, Carla Royo Villanova, Princess of Bulgaria, are all Selvert’s prestigious users.


    The SELVERT universe of beauty is based on the harmony between the beauty professional and the customer. The unique pairing has been the foundation of SELVER’s philosophy for over 37 years, allowing SELVERT to offer treatments tailored to the needs, lifestyle and the desires of each woman. SELVERT has designed highly sophisticated lines of beauty treatments, involving both traditional and the most advanced cosmetic techniques. The Innovative product packaging design ideas are the result of ongoing market monitoring by business analysts, and SELVERT’s unique formulations are a clear example of what highly effective and dynamic cosmetic technology can offer to the modern beauty professionals.


    But there is more to SELVERT THERMAL than just the work of nature. This line of cosmetic products is the result of years of research activities, of the most advanced cosmetic technologies, and of exclusive Swiss formulations. It was created and developed with the rigour and professionalism of the best experts.Only selected Thermal water from two best sources in Europe is used for the products.

  • Thermal Water – The Best Therapy for Skin Stress

    Selvert Thermal has distilled the wisdom of nature into its cosmetic active ingredients of natural origin, among which thermal water plays a key role due to its richness in oligoelements. After countless tests, scientists at IDESCO have decided to incorporate two sources of special thermal water to achieve the best result.

    Source Pyrenees, Spain Alps, Switzerland
    Oligoelement Silicate, Soduim and Chloride Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Strontium, Iron and Sulphate
    Function Anti-allergic and skin healing Anti-Aging and anti-oxidation


    Plant Stem Cell-A Fountain of Youth for the skin
    REGENERATION:Swiss Apple Stem Cell
    MOISTURISING: Alp Rose Stem Cell

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  • 24K Soin D’Or - 24K Pure Gold

    Selvert Thermal luxury line:
    24K Pure Gold Treatment
    Timeless, More Luminous Beauty

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    WHITE PERFECTION: The Whitening Solution
    New Whitening Line which offers a Complete Solution Against Pigmentation

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  • Hyaluronique Ligne (NEW)

    Replenish your Wrinkles; New Hyaluronic Acid of low high molecular weight, 75% elasticity improvement in only 28 days,Refills the wrinkles, 90% proven results, Maximum hydration during 24 hours

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    Vitaspheres C is enriched with the multiple properties of Vitamin C; Slowing down and delaying the skin ageing process

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    LISSER-“BOTOX Like” Cosmetic Treatment, No Need to Resort to Cosmetic Surgery to Eliminate Wrinkles

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  • BB Cream & CC Cream (NEW)

    New Generation BB Cream:
    10 Functions in 1
    Improved version of BB Cream: CC Cream

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  • Snail Protein Extract

    Snail Protein Extract - New Concept for Skin Generating

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  • L'Ocean

    L'Océan presents one of the most extensive, effective ranges of cosmetics for Seaweed, Mud and Thalassotherapy treatments.

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    ORGANICS, A natural & eco friendly
    alternative targeted for skins who need an all Natura and Effective Cosmetic

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