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New Regenerating Treatment - Snail Protein ExtractSelvert Thermal L'Esprit Dermatologique                 Selvert Thermal Snail Protein Extract

Snail protein extracts are the latest development in cosmetics that brings together important components with specific actions on the skin regenerating and renovating tissue and working together as a bactericide and exfoliate. Thanks to its many properties of snail protein extracts, it’s possible to treat different skin problems, obtain spectacular results in Anti-aging, Hyper-Pigmentating, Acne, Acne Scars,  Stretch Marks. Highly Recommended for sensitive skins

In recent years the field of beauty care has seen a phenomenon experienced by the emergence of snail protein, a natural product with medicinal and fascinating cosmetic properties.  There are studies indicating that snail protein helps moisturize and improve the appearance of skin with signs of photo aging. Snail protein exerts a dual role. On the one hand, it stimulates the formation of collagen, elastin and dermal components to repair the signs of photo aging, and on the other hand it also minimizes the damage caused by premature aging of the skin.

Both the nutritional and the healing properties of the snail (Helix aspersa) have always been known.  While breeding the snails, people who handled the snails noticed that their skin healed quickly from minor cuts and wounds.  The snail produces the same healing properties for their tissue and shell repair when it breaks.  Although this was a fact already known in ancient Rome and Greece, where the figure of the shell was the symbol of pharmacies.  Snails produce mucus to aid locomotion by reducing friction and this contributes to their mucus thermoregulation.  Snail mucus also reduces the risk of injury to the snail by external attack (bacterial and fungal) and helps them to stay away from potentially dangerous insects like ants. 

"The snail is known to prevent and eliminate wrinkles and mitigate stretch marks, eliminate scars caused by injuries, first-degree burns and acne removal, and eliminate sun spots. Slows the aging process of skin tissue and protects against the oxidative action of free radicals, improving elasticity, firmness, density and texture of the skin.  Sooths irritation and slight injuries to the skin caused by shaving, and has also shown to be effective in removing skin warts. " 

Active Ingredients:
Allantoin: A well known skin repairer and anti-irritant; stimulates skin regeneration by activating cellular proliferation
Collagen: Skin's connective tissue;s fundamental protein; responsible for moisturizing and reaffirming
Elastic: Protein providing elasticity to our skin
Glycolic Acid: Exfoliation or peeling process - remove dead cells from the superficial layer of our skin and stimulates cellular proliferation; thus known as a cellular renovator
Proteins and Vitamins: Vitamin A, C & E; Cellular regeneration, Sun block & Anti free-radicals; provide our skin daily required nutrients
•Proteasis: Protein complex acting as an enzyme to break down other proteins in a natural gental way
•Natural Antibiotics: Effectively fighting against common bateria; natural antiseptic and immune protector
* Clinically tested *


  • Biosaccharide components stop allergen  and false allergen action

    Biosaccharide components stop allergen and false allergen action

    Selvert Thermal Snail Active

  • Snail Extract Regenerating Active (10x2ml)

    - Allantoin
    - Collagen
    - Elastin
    - Glycolic Acid
    - Camomile Extract
    - Vitamins A, E and C
    - Proteases
    - Biosaccharide

     - Cellular regeneration
     - Soothing and decongestive
     - Moisturising and reaffirming
     -Anti- oxidant

  • Selvert Thermal Snail cream

  • Snail Extract Regenerating Gel-Cream (50ml)

    -Glycolic and Salicilic Acids
    -Camomile Extract
    -Vitamins A, E and C

    -Soft exfoliation
    -Soothing, decongestive
    -Anti- oxidant


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